Prof. André Collet, who died in October 1999, founded the Laboratory of Chemistry (Laboratory of Stereochemistry and Molecular Interactions) at the École Normale Supérieure in Lyon in 1988, where he was appointed Professor. His name is still attached to the chemistry of Cryptophanes that he originally designed to discriminate the enantiomers of CHBrClF, one of the simplest chiral organic molecules. Fascinated by molecular chirality, he developed original researches and his contribution in optical resolution of enantiomers, in particular by crystallization techniques, and his tentative approach of the parity violation at the molecular level are worldwide recognized.

This symposium will be a tribute to his career in Supramolecular Chemistry and Chirality. It will consist in around twenty plenary and invited lectures given by colleagues, former collaborators and young researchers, leaders in the chemistry of chiral and/or supramolecular systems, with openings towards the chemistry of life as well as chemistry of materials and complex systems. Poster presentations are scheduled.

This symposium provides an opportunity for high-level scientific exchanges and discussions between academic and industrial scientists. 

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The organizing committee of the symposium
"Supramolecular Chemistry and Chirality: Future Directions".

Dr. Chantal Andraud (Laboratoire de Chimie ENS-Lyon) Dr. Thierry Brotin (Laboratoire de Chimie ENS-Lyon) Dr. Jeanne Crassous (Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes) Dr. Jean-Pierre Dutasta (Laboratoire de Chimie ENS-Lyon) Dr. Laure Guy (Laboratoire de Chimie ENS-Lyon)















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